Services to Entrepreneurs:
  • Staffing Services
  • New Employee Orientation/Training
  • HR Systems and case Management plus referrals
  • Executive Management Training
  • Computer Skills Training
  • Business Development and Optimization
  • Team Building Retreats/events
  • Periodic Conferences and Workshops
  • Computer/Technology Access and Business Center Services
Services to Employment Seekers:
  • Outreach and recruitment
  • Academic and employability assessments
  • Computer/Technology Access & Skills Dev.
  • Internship and Work Experience
  • Connection to needed career resources
  • Specific Occupational Skills Training
  • Job readiness development services
  • Career Counseling and case management
  • Supportive services assistance and referrals
  • Job placement and referrals
  • Job Follow Up/Follow through Service
  • Periodic Conferences and Workshops
  • Adult Literacy for family members


A Facility with Contemporary Work Space (with Internet Access Consistent Electricity)
  • Implementation Office
  • Fully furnished office rooms of different sizes for the tenants (clients)
  • Shared/Common Areas
    • Waiting Room with receptionist
    • Conference Rooms
    • Computer Lab/Business Center (print/copy/Fax center)
    • Research lab with cleanroom
    • Machine room/workbench for developing prototypes (not for manufacturing)
    • Cafeteria
Media Attention And Proof Of Accountability Facilitating periodic success stories/press releases through the web, local newspapers and television.
  • Design and develop an e-business portal for the incubator (for both the entrepreneurs vendors and companies sourcing entrepreneurs as vendors or consultants)
  • Maintain the e-business portal
  • Design, develop and install participants database
  • Provide maintenance services for the participants database
Initial Corporate Positioning
  • Recruiting new business owners
  • Business Registration/Incorporation Support
  • Researching for grants and contracts
  • Business Plan and Proposal Writing Support
  • Facilitating/Encouraging collaboration among clients and local business service providers
  • Develop and deliver the following capacity building training/workshops
    • Business Literacy Training including financial education and ethics
    • Personal Effectiveness/Corporate Readiness training
    • Technology Application Training
  • Provide technical advisory for facilitating technology service business development
  • Facilitate an annual technology trade Fair
Facilitating Corporate Mentoring/Matching
  • Facilitate technology, biotech, environmental, and energy business mentoring programs between the budding entrepreneurs and seasoned industry experts. This might include one-on-one mentor-protégé matching or group.
For more information and presentation about these business services please feel free to contact Molly E. Uzoh by e-mail at molly.uzoh@learningright.com , Cell: 408-826-2167