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Legal Compliance Solution

The courses in this category are not specifically for any particular  industry but designed to capture the general employee population. They are

  • Easily and affordably customizable
  • Key sales points include a company’s HR department, training organization, and legal counsel
  • Developed and maintained in partnership with our law firm Subject Matter Experts
Sample Topic Areas:        
  • Ethics/Code of Conduct
  • Harassment
  • Workplace Violence
  • Privacy/Information Security
  • Diversity
  • Employment/EEO
  • ADA/ADAAA (1/1/09)
  • FMLA (1/16/09)
  • FLSA

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Legal Compliance New Releases  

Solution AreaCurriculumSeries or Learning PathCourse TitleCourse #Estimated Duration
(in hours)
NOTE: Click on a course number for a complete course description.
 HR Compliance 
 Antitrust--Talking with the CompetitionLCO01021.00
 Antitrust-Trade AssociationsLCO01031.00
 E-mail and Internet UseLCO01061.001.001.00
 Foreign Corrupt Practices ActLCO01081.001.00
 Intellectual Property OverviewLCO01091.501.501.50
 Trade SecretsLCO01112.001.00
 Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)LCO01121.001.00
 Attorney-Client PrivilegeLCO01131.00
 Doing Business on the InternetLCO01141.501.50
 Doing Business with the GovernmentLCO01151.501.501.50
 Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)LCO01161.501.001.50
 Insider TradingLCO01171.50
 Interviewing and Hiring PracticesLCO01181.001.00
 Record RetentionLCO01191.001.00
 Independent Contractors and Temporary EmployeesLCO01211.501.001.50
 The Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002LCO01221.00
 Union AwarenessLCO01232.001.502.00
 Documenting DisciplineHR01622.501.00
 Drug-free WorkplaceHR01644.001.00
 Sarbanes Oxley: Whistleblower ProtectionHR01721.501.00
 Code of Conduct Awarenesslchr_01_a01_lc_enus1.001.001.00
 Workplace Ethicslchr_01_a02_lc_enus1.001.001.00
 Workplace Diversity Awarenesslchr_01_a03_lc_enus1.001.501.00
 Workplace Violencelchr_01_a04_lc_enus1.50
 Anti Money Launderinglchr_01_a05_lc_enus1.001.00
 Export Controlslchr_01_a06_lc_enus1.00
 Conflicts of Interest in the Workplacelchr_01_a07_lc_enus1.00
 Rightful Employment Terminationlchr_01_a08_lc_enus1.50
 Equal Employment Opportunity and Discriminatory Practices in Hiringlchr_01_a09_lc_enus1.00
 Privacy and Information Securitylchr_01_a10_lc_enus1.00
 Procurement Integritylchr_01_a11_lc_enus1.00
 FMLA Leave and More: An Overview of Legally Protected Leavelchr_01_a12_lc_enus1.00
 Ethical Decision MakingLCO01000.50
 Conflict of InterestLCO010S0.50
 Interviewing and Hiring PracticesLCO01100.50
 Illegal Insider Trading SimulationLCO011S0.50
 Workplace Diversity AwarenessLCHR001A0.50
 Employee Sexual Harassment Awarenesslch_01_a01_lc_enus1.001.001.00
 Supervisor and Manager Sexual Harassment Awarenesslch_01_a02_lc_enus2.501.502.50
 Harassment in the Workplacelch_01_a03_lc_enus1.001.00
 Supervisor and Manager Sexual Harassment Awareness – Multi-State Editionlch_01_a04_lc_enus2.50
 Dealing with Sexual Harassment SimulationLCO02000.50
 Managing Sexual Harassment Problems SimulationLCO020S0.50
 Managing Workplace Harrassment ComplaintsLCO020T0.50
 HIPAA Privacy RulesLCO03011.001.00
 HIPAA: Electronic Health Data TransactionsHR01911.501.00
 HIPAA: Evaluating the Impact of the Privacy RuleHR01922.001.00
 HIPAA: Implementing Privacy RulesHR01931.501.00
 HIPAA: Securing Protected Health InformationHR01942.002.00
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