Right Tools

  • Trivia Games

    A wide selection of javascript trivia games that can be run locally, or from a website. Includes a utility to create your own custom quizzes. You can create trivia games one at a time, or make all available types using the same question set.

  • Mobile Quizzes

    A collection of quizzes available in a wide selection of subjects and target age groups, that can be run offline on mobile devices.

  • Type WaZoBia

    A virtual keyboard with an extended character set to allow users to easily write text using the three major Nigerian languages:
    * Hausa
    * Igbo
    * Yoruba
    Available as a standalone application or as a webpage.

  • Igbo Word Creator

    An HTML learning tool to help understand about Igbo words and vowels. Allows students to learn new vocabulary and listen to pronunciations.

  • Random Sentence Creator

    An HTML tool for students to explore sentence structure.
    Learn about verbs and nouns, and customize the list with your own words.

  • Lectura Tools

    This tool allows users to easily create quizzes using Lectura Inspire.
    The program creates files that Lectura can import. It also can modify the settings of
    each quiz question in the Lectura project quickly and easily, to customize the quiz to
    your liking.

  • Storyline Tools

    This tool allows users to easily create quizzes using Storyline
    When provided with a quiz datafile, this utility will quickly convert it into a format that Storyline can import. Works with several types of quizzes.

  • Report Management System

    The Report Management System is an html based tool that allows users to submit reports.
    It works with an SQL database to store all reports and data.